7 Priorities of the SCMP

Recently the Steering group SCMP has set its priorities for 2017. Four pilots / projects and three feasibility studies are on the list. Concrete results and sector wide supports are the most important ambitions.

Pilots / projects
1. New is the pilot Incursion Alert, focussed on the (further) improvement of the Pharma Gateway Amsterdam (PGA). Goal is to make real time information centrally accessible for the participants. In that way shipments can be tracked and traced and deviations, especially temperature deviations, can be revealed immediately (Incursion Alert).
2. Also in the pilot Holland Flower Alliance the centrally accessible information is central. Shippers and logistics service providers work together to achieve the agreed goals for Tracking & Tracing at box level, before the summer.
3. The European Green Fast Lane, now a pilot from KLM Cargo, Swissport and Jan de Rijk, has meanwhile success by the predictability of the flow and reduce errors by tighter operating arrangements. Also the web portal created by Cargonaut which checks the information by government requirements (for example U.S. Customs and Border Protection) is very encouraging.
4. For the project ‘DWU – DGVS redesign’ a new protocol is to be made on the basis of the new legislation RTO. This protocol must be supported by a new system. All this is taken up with ACN.

Feasibility studies
1. The feasibility study Landside Pick-up & Delivery should result in a blue print for optimizing the process of pick-up and delivery including road feedering. This will reduce the waiting times and peaks at the forwarders and handlers hubs and will the capacity of the trucks be better utilized. Crucial here are better information sharing and dynamic planning.
2. Paperless/proclamation is a study to explore what it takes to not only digitize paper, but to use ICT for smarter operational processes. Together with among others handlers, Customs and Cargonaut a proposition will be make for the 100% digital “single process” for the delivery of information. It will also examine the extent to which certain matter scan / should be made mandatory (following the example of Maasvlakte II).
3. Further steps for Nominations are to be determined on the basis of the analysis which is almost completed.

The University of Amsterdam (HvA) and the Delft University of Technology will support the projects related to Pharma and Flowers, in particular for further analysis and innovation of the added value of information exchange, quality and availability of information and the performance measurement of the chains.

For more information about the Smart Cargo Mainport Program please contact Teunis Steenbeek, Program manager SCMP, e-mail teunis.steenbeek@oxalis-co.com

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Smart Cargo Mainport Program (SCMP)

The SCMP is initiated by Schiphol and open for all parties involved in cargo flows to/from/via/on Schiphol. Aiming for optimal ground operation throughout the cargo chain, as well as the necessary information sharing. With frontrunners operational processes are improved, which can later be used generically.