Our Team

    Nanne Onland

    Chief Executive Officer

    Since 2012 Nanne fulfills with great passion the role of CEO of Cargonaut. A visionary director who moves the community and the information platform and assists them in finding new forms of cooperation to help Schiphol maintain its top position and put it on the map as smartest cargo airport in the world.

    Commissioner (SB) CIN France, the port community information platform of French airports.

    Commissioner (SB) SmartLOXS, access control and security services.

    Member of the Neutral Logistics Information Platform (NLIP) core team, a partnership to collect logistics data once and share it smarter in order to create competitive advantages for logistics Netherlands.

    Lex Werkhoven

    Senior Strategic Advisor

    Lex has been working at Cargonaut since 1987. Because of his vast experience, he plays the role of strategic advisor and he mainly focuses on the development of new main port logistics concepts, processes and solutions.
    He connects parties from the public and private sectors.

    Luc Scheidel

    Commercial Director

    Luc is a member of the management team and leads the commercial team, consisting of (Key) Account managers, Customer Care, Marketing and Product Owners.
    In this role he ensures optimal implementation of customer needs.

    Luc has a broad experience in supply chain management and information technology at inter alia Post NL and Capgemini.

    John Wijenbergh

    IT Director

    John is a member of the management team and leads the technical team, consisting of developers, network- and database administrators. He ensures that the customer / market demand is converted into smart solutions using the DevOp (development-operations) teams and an up-to-date IT environment.

    He has experience as Information Manager and Consultant at inter alia KNLTB (Dutch Lawn Tennis Association), McGregor Fashion Group and Capgemini.

    Monique Rouss

    Marketing & Key Account Support Manager

    Monique has been working for 26 years at Cargonaut. She has completed a range of customer services, account management and sales to marketing.

    She takes care of the internal and external communication of Cargonaut, presentation of the company at fairs, organize customer meetings etc. Also supports the key account managers in making sales appointments and the administration.

    “Our platform allows for communication between computers. I can take care of the communication between people. Communication connects people around the world. I’m glad I can contribute to that. “

    Bianca Burger

    Account & Service Delivery Manager

    Bianca is the contact person for our clients since 2015. She is happy to visit your, offers a listening ear and wants nothing more than to help you. She has experience in the (chain) logistics and customer relations at Post NL and TNT.

    Sharda Kommers

    Sales support

    Sharda has worked at Cargonaut since 2001. With much love she supports the commercial team. Her role allows for the administration of the customer data, contracts and contract changes, the input in our financial system and much more.
    She is the sheep with five legs that also ensures that our guests receive a warm welcome and a cup of coffee.

    Martijn Kuiken

    Product Owner / Key Account Manager

    Martijn is a bridge builder with extensive knowledge of the processes at Schiphol and in the air cargo worldwide.
    He speaks the language of both the people on the (warehouse) floor as board and management. He specializes in regulatory, IT and Logistics.

    Martijn has been involved in the development of DGVS, ECS and eLink and as an Implementation Manager eLink he made an important contribution to accelerating the handling process.

    He has worked 18 years at Menzies Aviation, among others as Manager Customs Affairs.

    Jeroen Spaargaren

    Product Owner / IT Portfolio Manager

    Jeroen works since 2012 at Cargonaut. He started as Coordinator and then through the function QA Manager now works as an IT Portfolio Manager and has the role of Product Owner. Jeroen its focus is ‘Compliance’ and he ensures the translation of laws and regulations for new and improved products. He finds it a challenge to achieve the best products together with partners and customers in the public sector, by which customers and chains can optimally perform.

    “Our unique position at the airport and the task of optimally support the cargo industry, as well as deliver the right tools for the supervisory gives me a lot of energy.”

    Arie Korving

    Product Owner / Product Specialist

    Arie is responsible for translating customer needs into new and improved products.
    He finds it a challenge to achieve the best products together with partners and customers, enabling customers and chains to perform optimally. An example is eFast delivery.

    Arie has a broad knowledge of air cargo in general and regulations, knowledge he has gained among others at KLM Cargo.

    “Innovation is an absolute must to add value to our industry! This we can only achieve together.”

    Mark Smit

    Product Owner

    Since 2007, Mark works at Cargonaut. Started as Account Manager, then as implementation manager and since 2016 in the role of Product Owner.

    His area of interest concerns the governance process (inter alia Schiphol airport). Mark finds it a challenge to get together with the DevOps teams and stakeholders to products with high customer values that enables customers and chains to perform optimally.

    “A good balance between work and family is very important. A fine family, hobbies / sports (CrossFit) and the work itself makes me easily switching the button.”


    Erik Meijer

    Manager Customer Care

    Erik works at Cargonaut since 1990. He leads the Customer Care team and knows our systems and its users like no other.
    He also maintains contacts with software vendors and IT departments of our customers, the National Customs Helpdesk and he advices and assists his colleagues with his knowledge.

    “In my spare time my passion is my family, football (amateur football daughters and of course Ajax), music and travel.”

    Tim Portengen

    Customer Care employee

    Tim answers all your questions users about our products and services.
    He wants to solve your problem. He also provides sales support.