KLM uses new API!

API ‘Ready for Take-in’ inmiddels in gebruik door KLM
With API’s it will be easier to share information between the Community Platform and other chain partners. A good reason to develop API’s. Recently a new API has been launced. Good neww for KLM en other Schiphol groudn handlers.  The API Ready for Take-In (RTI) gives access to the Customs related information (ECS/DGVS/Fycolog) as shown in the eCargo Receipt portal. Front runner KLM is the first handler to use this API in the local export delivery process. In order to enable other parties tu use this API we work hard on the authorization mechanism and talk with several software suppliers.

The advantages of API’s
End users often have to change from one screen to another, because necessary information is aupplied by two (or more) applications. For instance the shipment status is shown in both the eCargo Receipt web portal, as the inhouse WMS application. API’s make more screens redundant, as the information is integrated in the inhouse system of freight forwarders, handlers, airlines and other chain partners. Another advantage is that by using API’s you can receive immediately the right information based on specific selection criteria. This saves time and reduces errors.

Collaboration with Schiphol group
API’s are accessible in an API-management platform, similar to app’s in an app store, like  Apple App Store en Google Play. The first airfreight API’s will be available at the API platform of Schiphol.  Use is made of the knowledge of Schiphol Group with regard to the control of an API platform. The API’s for air cargo and the other API’s on this platform will be quite similar  in design. Subsequently the functions  are easier to combine and this means a time advantage for the developer.

API development as part of the funnel
The development of API’s is part of the change agenda 2017, which we shared earlier this year. All information is to be found on our  LinkedIn page. You can also follow the status of the change agenda on our page  Status Veranderagenda 2017.

An API for you?
Do you have any questions about API’s, or do you have suggestions for an API? Please contact us, because you too can use API’s.