Meet the Community – Roy le Bruyn

What is your function with Apex/ECMS?
Customs Compliance Manager NL and soon for our offices UK and DE. There are my new challenges and opportunities. Each country has its specific Customs rules and processes. Law and regulations will be equal in European perspective, however it can be interpreted (slightly) different.

What is the specialty of Apex/ECMS ?
“WE DELIVER PASSION” Offering logistics solutions for shippers and retailer in and outside Europe. With the focus on the Asian market, a.o. China with 1,4 trillion inhabitants a huge market.  And consequently the Asian consumers: to fulfill their demand EMCS offers fully crossborder E-commerce solutions for worldwide retailers, market places en service providers. We help consumers and companies to overcome obstacles by cost efficient solutions, which save transit waiting times, offer transparancy en give trust in E-commerce procurement.

What did you want to be when you were 10 years old?
Marine Corps.

What do you like most about your current job?
The variety and working with people every day trying to achieve the common goals.

What do you do on weekends to relax?
Making music (I play drums), see my grandson play football and cooking.

What threats do you see for the logistics service?
Retailers/shippers still going to take more control of their logistics activities.

What opportunities do you see for the logistics service?
E-commerce will continue to rise the next five years, I see a lot of potential to grow. At the same time the  logistics providers as specialists continue to offer added value.

If you were president of Schiphol, what would you do first?
As quickly as possible move KLM Cargo to a cargo terminal, allowing the passenger handling to be extended. And to make sure that the infrastructure for freight around  Schiphol is improved.

At what place in the ranking is Schiphol cargo airport in 5 years?
I think still in the top 3 of the world.

Who do you want to transfer the baton to these questions section?
Saskia van Pelt of Schiphol Group

What question would you like to ask her?
Will E-commerce freight will be accepted over time as traditional freight  and a major (revenue) stream for Schiphol Airport?