About us

Smart information exchange for the smartest airport.

The Cargonaut vision is connecting smart airport communities to facilitate trade. By working with other airport hubs and communities we help create trade lanes and seamless shipment journeys.

As orchestrator of information flows to and from Schiphol, Cargonaut facilitates parties in the cargo supply chain with accurate, complete, timely and reliable information needed for seamless airport operations. With a focus on quality and reuse of information, smart airports facilitate transparency, predictability and transparency of cargo supply chains. By knowing in advance what cargo to expect, airport communities and individual companies can improve airport handling processes and accelerate or create entirely new processes.

Cargonaut manages Cargo Community Information Platforms in the Netherlands and France. Working in close cooperation with local communities wanting to improve their airport collaboration and turnaround times. Our diverse team of professionals has extensive experience in optimizing and redesigning processes and (API) services that are distinctive worldwide. In the Smart Cargo Mainport program (Netherlands/EU), Cargonaut works closely with global pioneers in the industry to next level seamless airport  cargo operations.