Cargonaut lid van IPSCA

Cargonaut becomes first dedicated Air-PCS member of International Port

Community Systems Association

The International Port Community Systems Association (IPCSA) has welcomed its first dedicated air cargo Port Community System member, the Netherlands company Cargonaut.

Based at Schiphol Airport, Cargonaut celebrated its 30th anniversary in May (2016), and brings to IPCSA a wealth of experience in the field of Air-PCS services.

Cargonaut, a market leader in information services for the air cargo industry, provides specialist software and consulting services to airlines, freight forwarders, handling agents, carriers, consignors, Customs and other public administrations.

“Joining IPCSA will enable us to work with other Port Community Systems and join forces nationally and internationally,” said Lex Werkhoven, Senior Strategic Advisor at Cargonaut. “We look forward to working together towards the standardisation of information and air cargo processes, to optimise and create value for our customers. IPCSA also provides the benefit of promoting a joined-up approach of business and government agencies.”

A number of IPCSA’s members already operate in the air environment as well as the ports environment. As a dedicated Air-PCS operator, Cargonaut will bring to IPCSA conferences, working groups and discussions its own in-depth knowledge and expertise in the air cargo business, including market intelligence, processes, information and use of data, as well as technical knowledge in the field of data, messaging, connectivity and system architecture, said Mr Werkhoven.

Port Community Systems, whether they are working in the air or sea cargo sectors, operate in a fast-moving, dynamic environment. For Cargonaut, a key issue is the creation of ‘Green Fast Lanes’, requiring cooperative working between business, Customs and other government agencies.

“Other challenges include modernising the use of data and re-design processes to make the maximum use of reliable data – changing from digitised documents to pre information based processes,” said Mr Werkhoven. “A further challenge is the creation of a ‘network of networks’, connecting Port Community Systems, to benefit customers both nationally and internationally.”

Richard Morton, Secretary General of IPCSA, said: “We are delighted to welcome Cargonaut as our newest member and as our first dedicated Air-PCS member. This represents not only a further expansion of our membership but also adds a new dimension, as Cargonaut brings its very specific experience in the air cargo sector to the Association.

“IPCSA was founded as a European association five years ago; since then, it has continued to expand rapidly and we now have more than 30 members around the world, providing representation in each of the five UN Regional Commission regions.”

IPCSA’s geographical reach enables it to address the needs of members on a regional as well as international basis. The Association also has consultative status at the International Maritime Organization, providing an important platform for representing the needs of its members at the highest level.