Meet the Community – Saskia van Pelt

What is your function with Schiphol Group?
Director Business Development Cargo. My focus area is Asia and I especially focus on verticals high tec, fashion and cross border e-Commerce.

What is the specialty of Schiphol?
The cooperation between airport, customs and the freight community.

What did you want to be when you were 10 years old?
Doctor or pianist.

What do you like most about your current job?
The dynamics and dealing with all people in the international airfreight world.

Waht do you do on weekends to relax?
Running, piano class and cooking.

What threats do you see for the airport?
Regarding airfreight: competition of other modalities and other airports.

What opportunities do you see for the airport?
Because of our good public-private partnership, we have a leading position in the world. The focus on quality improvement in the growing verticals as flowers, pharma and e-Commerce will help to ensure that we will maintain our leading role.

If you were president of Schiphol, what would you do first?
Invest in a large airfreight hub overseas!

At what place in the ranking is Schiphol Cargo airport in 5 years?
At the 3rd place, just like now.

The question that Roy le Bruyn (Apex/ECMS) has for you:
Will e-Commerce freight  be accepted over time as traditional cargo and become a major (revenue) stream Schiphol Airport? 
E-Commerce is here to stay and we see that it is a fast-growing supply chain.  Along with e-Commerce parties and the freight community we work hard on the operational and technical Customs’ requirements in order to process this relatively new flow of goods as efficiently as possible.
Thus, last year Customs  launched the VENUE scheme specifically for e-commerce shipments under 22 Euros. This year the focus will be on the operational process. 
How can we at the airport meet the requirements and desires of the e-Commerce parties?  

Who do you want to transfer the baton to these questions section?
Roel Huiden of Royal Flora Holland.

What question would you like to ask him?
What does Royal Flora Holland do to innovate in the flower supply chain?